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Functional Skills .NET - Look and Learn Modules

On this site you will find modules that will help in the development of numeracy and literacy skills.


Currently, the first module released is based on a Skills for Life Numeracy Level 2 question paper..

The modules were created under an ALP LIG4 project, and have been made available to use for FREE to learners, teachers and other learning institutions.

Further Developments
Additional modules will be added in the future. In particular, modules will be added that directly relate to Functional Skills testing, using similar styles questions. Please check again soon.

Numeracy Level 2 - Whole Paper (40 questions): Play

Numeracy Level 2 - Ratios: Play

Help with Ratios and Direct Proportion.
Numeracy Level 2 - Fractions: Play

Help with finding and simplifying fractions
Numeracy Level 2 - Range and Negative Numbers: Play

Help with Range and Negative Numbers
Numeracy Level 2 - Percentages: Play

Help with finding percentages